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Managing Partner, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Who are you?
I'm Tom. I'm a bloke in his early 40s who is lucky enough to have one of the best jobs in advertising.

What do you do?
I run MBA. We make and distribute content. We go beyond advertising. Every weekday and some weekends.

Why did you join MediaCom?
I joined because I got offered a job. I was jammy and at the time didn't realise how good a decision it would turn out to be.

Why do you love working here?
Because I don't know everything about media. But I sense that nearly everything there is to know about media is known by someone at MediaCom. It's a great feeling, that. We're good together.

What's your most memorable MediaCom moment?
There have been over 16 years of them. But in 2004 when Nick Lawson said 'okay' to my proposal to set up a creative team is probably the most memorable. The start of something special.

What piece of work are you proudest of?
In 2009 we built a youth website for the Met Police called 'Safe'. I argued that building a site wasn't enough. We should visit schools around London to get kids involved in the content and design. We did and it was great.

What's your desert island luxury item?
A twig to draw pictures in the sand.

Favourite song?
The only lyric is the word 'laid' about 15 times. Does that make it a song? If so, Roygbiv by Boards of Canada. Spine tinglingly brilliant ambient techno from the future.

Favourite film?
A toss-up between Bladerunner and Silent Running. I'll go for Bladerunner because Silent Running makes me cry. Whatever the case, only robots will survive.

Favourite book?
The Gigantic Beard that was Evil - the fantastically surreal graphic novel by our good friend Stephen Collins. He's done some great work for MBA, but nothing quite as good as this. Shouldn't you be asking about my favourite app?

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