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Chief Transformation Officer

Who are you?
Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer

What do you do?
I ensure that MediaCom remains ahead of the game.

Why did you join MediaCom?
Someone told me that the senior management at what was then The Media Business were unusually good, open to change and challenge. This has remained true as the business has grown from £44m billings to over £1bn in the last two decades.

Why do you love working here?
The best people in London work here, the best clients in the world work with us, and we produce excellence every day

What's your most memorable MediaCom moment?
Campaign magazine made us agency of the decade. That was a good day.

What piece of work are you proudest of?
I wrote a book this year: Tell the Truth, honesty is your most powerful marketing tool.. It references some of the most amazing work that the MediaCom team have produced over the last decade.

What's your desert island luxury item?
Speed boat

Favourite song?
Positively 4th Street

Favourite Film?
I need more than one (and it keeps changing) but includes: A long kiss goodnight, Alien, Butch Cassidy, Avengers Assemble, Only You, Now Voyager

Favourite Book?
Addicted to perfection.


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