You're not you when you're hungry



The Challenge

The challenge was that people simply weren't thinking about buying Snickers when out and about. We needed to remind people why and most importantly when they can enjoy a Snickers.


The Insight

We all have moments when we are not feeling ourselves - irritable, whiney, bad tempered. We would firmly place the blame for these moments at hunger's door, positioning Snickers as the hunger-busting solution to make sure you stay on top of your game.


The Big Idea

We would make Snickers own these moments, so that every time someone is not feeling themselves they reach for a Snickers. Our TV ad explained this well, but let's face it, you're probably not having one of these moments when you're watching TV; they're much more likely to happen when you're out with your mates, commuting or stuck in work. Our media insight was that we had to own and badge those "You're not you when you're hungry" moments when people were in the vicinity of a chocolate bar and the instant fix of a Snickers.



The Execution

The best way of landing the idea was to leverage the power of celebrities and people in the public eye. We created a media storm by getting these celebrities to tweet out of character messages and got everyone talking about Snickers. We physically put the YNY message into consumers' hands using Metro brand to hand. Emergency Snickers bars were given to commuters in the morning, listing the symptoms of hunger. If feeling any of these, the reader should break the 'emergency glass' and eat their Snickers. This was pre-promoted in the Metro and online. An editorial column ran in the Metro every week digesting the week's YNY stories from the world of celebs, politics and sport, as well as featuring reader YNY moments of the week. Contextual online display surrounded YNY stories as they broke on the Metro and Mail Online websites, with tailored creative to suit the editorial (e.g. Newsreader walks into lamp post while conducting an interview, ad copy reads 'Bear with a sore head').


The Results

Over the 12 weeks of the launch campaign, we saw an increase in the number of Snickers singles sold in the Impulse channel; 705,000 more bars than last year. We've also seen double digit growth in value sales in some channels.

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