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Media Planning and Buying

MediaCom is responsible for planning and buying the advertising media for some of the world's biggest companies - including P&G, Shell, Universal, GlaxoSmithKline, RBS and VW.

Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning

The first thing we do, using a combination of world class research techniques, deep experience and analysis is to determine with our clients who their most likely, or most desired, customers are. We are then able to determine which media these potential customers see, read, hear or engage with the most. This is the media planning of a campaign; we 'plan' advertising campaigns that reach intended audiences, with the minimum amount of wastage.

After this initial planning stage, we then work alongside creative agencies, who actually make the advertisements. It is our responsibility to get the adverts on to the television screens and radio, in to the press and cinemas, on to billboards and poster sites, and online. This is what we call media buying.

Media Buying

During the buying stage, MediaCom negotiates the best possible prices with media owners such as television and radio stations, magazine publishers and website owners for the space or airtime. Because MediaCom is one of the largest media buying agencies in the world, we are able to buy media at an incredibly competitive price. Even so, we always look for ways to innovate to reduce costs further and increase the effectiveness of advertising - whether on screen, outdoors or online.

Our clients benefit from MediaCom being part of GroupM, the world's largest media investment management group. This gives us unparalleled negotiation power when buying media on behalf of our clients.


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